1More Piston Fit Review In Detail

1More is an excellent brand from California, USA, in the world of selling superior quality headphones at cut-throat prices. 1MORE is one of the brands Indian’s suits most. Obviously, we must say it has an official presence in India. And for now, we’ll be looking at its aesthetic model, the 1More Piston Fit.

These in-ear headphones retail at under Rs. 1000 online and come in a variety of colours. It’s an ergonomic version of the award-winning Piston Classic. Piston Fit is first launched in 2016.

Design and Features

The best in the Piston Fit from 1More is its build quality. The chambers of the earphone are made with aluminium. This makes them light and firm.

1more piston fit review

The metal casings of the earphone have a ‘CD lining’ texture on the surface. The ear tips are obliquely (45 degrees) placed which match your ear canals naturally. They are more comfortable and less likely to fall out. Three sets of ear tip are included in the package which ensures a proper fit for all.

Let’s check out the cord. The 1.25 m cord used in the earphone is skinny. When you hold these in your hands, it feels a bit cheap earphones although the quality of the cable is pretty good because it is made of soft rubber and has a Kevlar fibre wrapping to increase durability and is coated with TPE for softness and comfort. It is tangle free and terminates in a gold-plated 3.5-mm headphone jack.

1more piston fit review

The microphone and in-line remote control are compatible with iOS & Android, making them a perfect enhancement over the earbuds that came with your smartphone. The remote control allows you to take calls without cross-talk or background static as well as controlling media playback.  A single press will play/ pause the music, double-press hold for fast forward the music and triple-press will rewind your music.  A long-press will bring up the device’s Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS.

The earphone comes with Dynamic Driver-dual layer composite driver with aerospace grade titanium delivers sizzling highs, present mids, and powerful bass. The Dual Driver is used for a greater sound. The drivers have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz and an impedance of 32 Ohms.

The earphones come in a simple package. And are available in 4 colours- silver, pink, space grey, teal ( kind of blue). I think space grey is more aesthetic than rest, for our device.

Sound Experience

Sound quality is very much satisfying. The Sound is Crisp and Clear and it’s adequately loud. 1MORE Piston Fit is more committed to a naturally balanced sound, without the harsh bass and treble boost produces a fully satisfying listening experience without the need for unhealthy volume levels. Bass is neither too high nor too low. Noise cancellation is perfect if we wear a perfectly fit ear tip.

Other Details

1more piston fit review

The box consists of 1More Piston Fit earphone, User Guide and Extra pairs of ear tips which comes in three different sizes of Small, Medium and Large. The package is good and minimal. It is not coming with a carry pouch, but we cannot point it as a black mark. Considering the price it isn’t a big deal. If we need a pouch then we can buy it separately. Then what else to say, overall 1MORE Piston Fit is comfortable to wear, doesn’t cause any kinda fatigue problem even after a long use like one to two hours. It’s amazing and it is surely value for money. You should definitely buy it and experience the excellence.

Where To Buy 1More Piston Fit

In short, this a beautiful budget-friendly earphone under Rs.1000 that will definitely be a choice when you decide to go for a new earphone next. I won't check all the boxes of being a great one but will be a sufficient one.
  • Value for money
  • Good build quality
  • Sound quality is good
  • Good bass
  • No inline volume control
  • Tangle-free wires would have been great
Design - 8
Features - 8
Sound - 7.8
Value - 7.8

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