Best Headphones Under Rs 2000

best headphones under rs 2000

If you are reading this on your favourite device – be it a laptop or a mobile phone, there is a high possibility that you are wearing, or within arm’s reach of, a headphone or earbuds. Earphones become essential in our fast-paced lives. In this post, we are going to help you decide on a pick from the best headphones under Rs. 2000 in the market today.

A piece of charming music makes us happier, better at concentrating, and more productive. So in order to enjoy that charming music without disturbing others around, You need a pair of headphone. If you are searching for a good budget friendly headphone, this article is for you. This article is the best escort for you to choose the perfect pairs which suit you the most. So come let’s explore!

Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS

Audio-Technica corporation is a Japanese company that designs audio equipment. The Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS is a  budget-friendly wired Over-ear headphone which has high-quality sound reproduction.

AudioTechnica ATH-AX1is

What’s inside the package:  ATH-AX1iS, Instruction booklet

The headphones are entirely built with plastic and have a finish and the plastic headband felt so cheap. It can fold flat the earcups. So that you can carry it easily in a bag. There is generous padding on earcups. The cups aren’t deep. I have small ears so that I found it as comfortable. But comfortability of headphone will be subjective. The headphone weighs 272 g or 9.5 oz which is light.

The headphone has five different colour options:  Black,  Blue,  White,  Grey and  Red

The Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS has 36mm dynamic drivers which have a sensitivity rating of 100 dB, an impedance of 40 Ohms and a frequency response range of 15-22 KHz.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for this price segment.  The highs and mids are crystal clear and amazing. But the lows are disappointing. Bass is decent but not great.

It is hard to find too many faults with the Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS. The build quality is one fault according to me, especially for this price it could have been better. The headphone is so flimsy. If you need some great quality music, then go ahead and buy this pair. But if you are looking for a stylish one, then there are better pairs out there at this price range.

Now, some of you may think why on earth did we include this headphone as one of best headphones under Rs 2000, even when some of the online e-Commerce websites list the price as just under Rs 2100. Well, the reason is that the price often fluctuates and we believe that if you are ready to spend Rs 2000 on a headphone then why no give this a shot.

Where To Buy Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS

Energy Sistem DJ2 

Energy Sistem is a Spanish company specialising in personal audio products. They have launched a lot of budget wireless headphones in the Indian market in 2018. One of them is Energy Sistem DJ2 wireless headphone.

Energy Sistem DJ2

What’s inside the package:  DJ2 wireless headphone, 3.5Mm Audio Cable With Mic, Instruction booklet

DJ2 has been designed as DJ styled Headphones. It’s entirely made up of premium quality plastic which gives them an aesthetic appeal. The headphone looks quite sexy, especially in the black colour and white colour.  The earcups have 180º vertical rotation that enables users to use them on just one ear just like a DJ.

The soft cushioned earcups and the headband allows it to rest on our head with a feather-light weight of 200g. The foldable earcups design makes it easy to carry the device easily in a small bag. The headband is covered with PU leather.

The headphone is available in 3 colours: Black, White and Red

It has a 40 mm driver which provides a clear sound and rich bass. The sound signature is biased towards bass-heavy heads. Highs may not impress you very much. Cranking the treble too much using equalizer will make it sound worse. The mids are not compromised.  And the lows are really bouncy. I personally found the pop, rock, and electro music quite enticing on these pairs.

The headphone offers both wireless as well as wired connectivity options. You can insert a Bluetooth receiver in the jack to make the headphone a wireless version. If you are looking for great sounding impressive pair with heavy bass at a very low price, then this is the right pair for you.

Where To Buy Energy Sistem DJ2

1More Piston Fit

1More is an affordable brand in the business of selling quality audio products at cheap prices. Their piston fit is by far the worthiest pair of earphone under the price of 1k. Although it is under Rs 1000, we really want to give you a heads-up on this headphone even if you are looking at the best headphone under Rs 2000.

It has a detailed and balanced sound experience with high build quality.

1more piston fit review

You can read our detailed review on 1More Piston Fit for more information.

Where To Buy 1More Piston Fit


JBL T450BT an on-ear wireless rechargeable headphone which is flat-folding, lightweight, comfortable and compact with a pair of 32mm drivers which produce punchy bass and the sounding is just pretty amazing.

jbl c100si review

Check out the detailed review on JBL T450BT for more information.

Where To Buy JBL T450BT

Sound One BT-06

Sound One is a Hong-Kong based audio equipment company. Their  BT-06 Bluetooth Headphones are the most prominent pairs which you can buy under Rs.2000. Personally, I love that pair because it’s pretty cool.

SoundOne BT-06 Wireless Headphones Review

what’s inside the package:  BT-06 headphone, USB link, AUX cable, Warranty card, User guide

The Sound One  BT-06  Headphone is fully made up of premium plastic. The headband is covered with soft faux leather which is easily cleanable which they called sweat proof feature.

The earcups are made of plastic and it has a shiny fingerprint magnet design on the top. The cushioning around the earcups are very good.

The headphone can be adjusted and folded according to different head shapes. It is foldable and bent down so that it is easy to carry effortlessly.  All the control buttons like the power button, volume button and USB charging port are mounded on the left earcup. It weighs only 90.7g.

The headphone has four different colour options:  Black,  Blue,  White, and  Red

Highs and Mids are pretty impressive but lows are not as my expectation. The voices are clear and the bass is punchy and the best.

The pair comes with CSR Bluetooth 4.0 technology and it provides a range of up to 33 feet. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery charges quickly in 1.5 hours and provides playback for 6 hours and 30 hours of standby time. Built-in microphone and in-line control gives effective hands-free solutions for streaming tracks and answering calls. Sound One  BT-06  Headphone is compatible with almost every Bluetooth devices. And it has an SD card slot which makes them a separate audio device.

You can also scan FM stations and listen to the songs as well in both wired and wireless method. The 1.5 m audio cable enables you to listen to the music without using the battery.

The only serious demerit I have felt is the pair is too uncomfortable for long time wear and it’s too tight. You might get hurt in the event of wearing them for quite a while. If you feel its a pair that suits you then grab it soon.

Where To Buy Sound One BT-06

Sony MDR-XB450 on-ear EXTRA BASS headphones

The Sony MDR-XB450 headphones are the most affordable headphones from the Extra Bass family. Their extra bass range is all about a great degree of power in the low end of the sound range. Released Targeting the fans of electronic dance music, hip hop music and rock music.

Sony MDR XB450 Review

what’s inside the package: Headphone, Operating instructions

The MDR-XB450 is a wired, on-ear headphone which has 30 mm driver for an extra bass boost with swivel design. The quality of its cushion pad at bot earbuds are quite good. They are very soft, which ensure it will give you a very comfortable feel.  It comes with a flat tangle-free designed cable.

The build quality and design are absolutely fantastic. The entire body is made up of the good quality of plastic. They weigh only 181 g. I have used it for about 3 hours without any kinda irritation.

The headphone arrives in five colour variants: Black,  Blue,  White, Red and Yellow

The drivers are in 5Hz to 22kHz frequency range, which proves that it is capable of handling various frequencies that normal headphones cannot do.

They can blast out our ears with well-handled powerful bass but it’s not boomy. The sound is a nice texture of different ranges but the mid-range is a little bit unclear and the trebles are decent.  If you are looking for decent audio with heavy bass, then Sony MDR XB450 is the perfect choice for you.

Where To Buy Sony MDR-XB450

boAt Rockerz 430 extra Powerful bass Bluetooth Headset with Mic

boAt rockerz 430 is an on-ear, foldable and adjustable headphone from an Indian lifestyle brand naming boAt.

Boat Rockerz 430 Bluetooth Headphone review

what’s inside the package: Headphone, Charging Cable, Manual

The headbands are cushioned with PU leather and earcups has nice padding. The headphone can be folded from the hinges of earcups for easy storage. The control buttons like multi-function button, volume down/up buttons, call receive button have been housed on the right ear cup in a circular manner.

The headphone has three different colour options:  Black, Red and  Space green

The boAt Rockerz 430 does the insane, it comes with 40mm drivers that ensure deep & powerful bass to take you to a  new level. It will give you a crisp audio experience for sure. The vocals are clear, the trebles are balanced and decent. The mid-range and lows are manipulated well with bass.

The headphone is integrated with advanced Bluetooth 4.1 with CSR 8635 Chip. The noise reduction CSR chip which provides CVC6.0 echo cancellation technology makes clear calls that are crisp and noise-free but only when connected with the cable. It has a nice battery back up of 10 hours and takes 3 hours to get fully charged.

The boAt Rockerz 430 delivers an immersive sound experience in the budget.

Where To Buy boAt Rockerz 430

SoundMagic PL30+ C in-ear headphones with mic

SoundMAGIC is a professional design and production company of earphones & headphones based in Hong Kong. Their PL 30+C is a pair of comfortable in-ear canal phones that provide excellent sound quality at a bargain price.

what’s inside the package: Earphones, Manual, Five types of earbuds, Carry case, Hooks

The design of the earphone is good. It has only 15.8 grams in weight but has metal construction which is strong and durable. But will be hard to keep clean. The biggest surprise is the level of comfort they provide. They remain comfortable even when worn for a long time. It provides call answering, pause and plays with one-button remote control in the microphone section.

Available in three colour combinations: Black, Black and gold, White and gold

Don’t expect the same level of sound quality you would hear from premium headphones but these headphones are competitive with pairs in the 2k range. The PL 30+C has a balanced audio output with powerful bass. They provide a reasonable amount of passive noise cancellation.

The PL30+C sturdy construction and comfortable fit make it the perfect for the gym or on the track. Though the SoundMAGIC PL30+C in-ear headphones don’t provide professional-level quality, they do offer excellent sound at a reasonable price.

Where To Buy SoundMagic PL30+ C

boAt Bass Heads 225 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

The Boat Bassheads 225 is an affordable pair of earphones, designed and marketed to be bass-heavy, with 10mm audio drivers that have a frequency range of 20Hz – 20KHz and an impedance of 16 ohms.

boat bassheads 225

I highly recommend these headphones for Bass lovers & budget-conscious people who are looking for high-quality earphones at a reasonable price.

Read our detailed review on the Boat Bassheads 225 in-ear headphones with mic for more information.

Where To Buy boAt Bass Heads 225


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