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The Splashing Entry Of Jabra Elite 85H

Jabra is a subsidiary of GN Netcom and It develops, manufactures and markets wireless and corded headsets in the global market. They have added a new member to its Elite family,  Elite 85h at CES 2019...

types of earphones

What Are The Different Types Of Earphones?

Headphones have become a necessity in our fast-paced lives. Different types of earphones with different features and styles, from several brands, are available on the market today. Each type of headph...

what is noise cancellation

What Is Noise Cancelling In Headphones?

Introduction Noise cancellation is that one term that is almost always associated with headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are very popular among music lovers and is one of the most popular types ...

How To Choose and Test Headphones The Right Way

Looking to purchase a new headphone for someone you care or maybe yourself? Well, then this post can help take some of the angst out of your next headphone purchase by discussing the key points to rem...


Best In Ear Headphones Under 1000 Rs

Once you have decided on your budget, it takes quite some time to decide on which In-ear headphone to purchase. Well, if your budget is under ₹1000, then you are at the right place as we list some of ...

Headphones History – A Brief Look At The Timeline

For decades, headphones have been a part of our lives. In the case of music enthusiasts, it is an important part of their life. In this post, we will have a brief look at the history of headphones, ki...

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