Sony MDR XB450 Review: Best Under Rs. 2000

Sony is one of the traditional brands in the technology world. They have a long history of making high-quality consumer electronic products, especially audio products.

So today I’m gonna write a detailed review on Sony’s MDR XB450, one of the most popular budget-friendly headphone in the market right now. I am using these pairs since 2015. So I’m gonna share my complete experience about these pairs here. Let’s see what is the worthiness of  Sony MDR XB450.


The Sony MDR XB450 comes in a matte square shaped white box with labelling, specs and instruction on the front and back side. Inside this box, there is another black box.


A manual and a warranty card along with the headphone are beautifully arranged in that black sturdy stylish box.

Design And Features

The Sony MDR XB450 is an on-ear, wired headphone. The ear cups are quite large, but it’s not an over-the-ear headphone. The cups are padded pretty well with soft synthetic leather.

The back plate of each ear cup has a metallic CD texture. The thick padding makes it snugged to the ears and provides natural noise isolation.

The entire body is made up of good quality plastic. The headband has no padding, but its not a big issue. They weigh only 181 g. I have used it for about 3 hours without any kinda irritation although there is a little bit pressure on the ears which can be neglected. This is because of the weight of the firm headband supported by the earpads.


It comes with a flat tangle-free designed cable which terminates in a gold-plated 3.5-mm headphone jack. The cable is Y-type Cord and 1.2m long. Obviously, it is durable.

The headphone features 30 mm Neodymium dynamic drivers which have a  frequency Response of  5 Hz – 22000 Hz,  Impedance of 24 ohms. Its maximum power input is 1000mW.

The Neodymium dynamic drivers are a transducer that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal by using the physics of magnetism and electromagnetism. Neodymium is a very strong type of magnet which can provide a better bass response.


The earcups are swivel, it makes easier to carry them with you. The Sony MDR XB450 doesn’t have a microphone. Well, that’s a demerit. That demerit has been filled in with the Sony MDR-XB450AP.

They are available in five colour variants in the market: Blue, Black, White, Red, Yellow

Sound Experience

The Sony MDR XB450 sounds normal, but it delivers the maximum sound output. As the name suggests, its made for an extra bass head. The bass is dominating than the sound but it’s not boomy. Actually, they trick our ears that they offer everything by delivering punchy bass.


They can blast out our ears with well-handled powerful bass. The sound is a nice texture of different ranges but the mid-range is a little bit unclear and the trebles are decent.


The Sony MDR XB450 is a headphone with an eye-catchy stylish design. The only disadvantage is it has no microphone. So that you cannot make calls with these pairs. If you are looking for decent audio with heavy bass and budget price, then Sony MDR XB450 is the perfect choice for you.

Which Are The Others In Extra Bass Range?

The Sony MDR XB450 is one of the basic models in the extra bass series. The successor headphones are:

Sony MDR XB450AP

The Sony MDR xb450AP is the upgraded version of xb450. The cans become favourite among the bass enthusiasts soon after there launch. The  Sony MDR xb450AP looks similar and simple but it rocks.

The design is almost similar to the predecessor XB450. The only change is it has in-line remote and mic for hands-free usage. It is very sleek looking and available in 5 different colours: Black, Red, Blue, White and Yellow.

The Sony MDR-XB450AP features 30mm Neodymium dynamic drivers. This takes the pairs to the best possible sound output.  It covers a wide frequency response of 5Hz to 22KHz  for clear highs and lows. Distortions are negligible. The sound quality overall is good and better than you would expect for other budget headphones under 2000.

A rigid aluminium fascia on top of the housing suppresses the unwanted vibration to provide punchy bass. You can also personalize your headset with a smart-key application.  Even though these headphones would make a great choice, they still won’t suit everyone.

Sony MDR XB550AP

The Sony MDR xb550AP is one of the hip looking pair in the XB line.  The wired on-ear headphone is very much similar to the Sony XB450AP in design. While 450AP has a CD texture on the cups, and 550AP has a matte finish. The most amazing thing is its available in five colour variants in the market: Black, Blue, White, Red, Green.

Sony MDR-XB550AP Extra Bass Headphone

Actually, when I see this headphone in pictures I thought it was very flimsy. But not like what I thought. It is built with high graded plastic. The headband is padded and expandable. The headband is also made with plastic but it has metal band mounded inside. It has a swivel design but not foldable, hard to carry everywhere you need.

The earcups are also padded and covered with synthetic leather. The Sony MDR xb550AP has an in-line mic for controlling the tracks and calls. The 1.2 m flat cables are tangle free and durable. Overall the pairs are lightweight, only 180 g.

The 30mm drivers are powerful and provide extra bass sound and good attenuation of ambient noises. The drivers have a frequency range of 5Hz to 22,000Hz and an impedance of 24 Ohms and a sensitivity of 102dB/mW. Overall sound signature is warm and pleasant if you favour deep bass in your music.

There is no issue in the mic quality. I made a few calls, its clear, not crystal clear. These headphones aren’t for audiophiles, only targetted to bind blasting bass lovers. The Sony MDR xb550AP is an impressive pair of headphone which comes under sub 3K price range.

Sony MDR XB450BV

The Sony MDR xb450bv can go bonkers on your eardrums with its powerful bass. Hardware is also unique in this pair comparing the others in the extra bass range. It comes with in-built amplifiers.

The headphone is a close pack type with 30 mm neodymium driver and it has a rated frequency response of 5 Hz to 22 KHz. They are not over-the-ear headphone but it has a large size. It looks classy and stylish like other Sony headphones. The headband is sturdy but there is no padding on the headband.

The ear cups are well cushioned and it can snug to the ear perfectly. The back portion of the earcups has a CD textured metallic finish which is pretty eye catchy. You need  AAA-batteries that goes into one side of the cans which drives the amplifiers as well as the whole headphone.

But the batteries aren’t included in the package, that is really really sad. Sony should have included a couple of batteries with the package because it’s very much needed for the pair. In order to plug in the batteries, you need to twist off the outer part of the left earcup. There you can see the space for the batteries to be mounded.

The AAA- batteries energize the bass to a certain level. Including the battery, the product weighs about 273 g. It is slightly bulkier than the predecessor. The headphone has a 1.2 m cord with an L-shape connector. The serrated cable makes it tangle free.

The headphone has two controls: Bass boost ON and Bass boost OFF.  It has an impedance 40 ohms when the bass boost is off and it can rise to 200 ohms when it is on. When it is in passive mode( bass boost off) it doesn’t use the AAA-batteries while it uses the batteries in active mode. This process amplifies the bass signals.

The other feature of this headphone is vibration control. When you switch on or slide on the vibration control, the build in vibrator pushes the bass and sound up as dynamic as a live performance. It is basically the amplifiers driving the drivers such a way that the entire earcups hit against your ear making you dizzy.

For heavy bassy songs, the sound quality is good but for the songs which not mean to this headphone, it sounds normal. The AAA-batteries can stay up to 48 hours of continuous playback. This is a fantastic headphone if you love freaking bass but if you are looking for a sonic perfection won’t be not your choice.

Sony MDR XB650BT

The Sony MDR xb650bt comes in an excellent and sturdy package. They are purely wireless on-earphone which features 30 mm neodymium driver unit with 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response exclusively built to a heavy bass head. It is available in three colour variants: Black, Blue and Red.

The Sony MDR xb650bt flaunts an eye-catching design but I was really concern about the headphone because it is lightweight, looks a little cheaper but it has great flexibility. The body has a matte finish. The size is fairly large.

The headband is made up of metal and is padded with a well round cushion which is durable. The earcups do rotate, I meant it has a swivel design for easy portability and packing anywhere you need to. The earcups are cushioned really thick which makes them incredibly comfortable. The headband too is comfortable. Unfortunately, the headphone isn’t foldable.

The funny thing about this headphone is Sony doesn’t provide a wired mode connection even there isn’t a jack for connecting AUX cable. With one tap on the earcup, you can pair the headphone with Bluetooth 4.0v or NFC of your smartphone or laptop. There was a break in Bluetooth connection in some areas which I have felt as a negative.

The Sony MDR xb650bt offer heavy bass but the sound quality is not that much because the bass is leading. The earcups fit properly on the ears so that it offers a good amount of noise cancellation but not much like an ANC headphone. These headphones are for EDM, pop, rock music because I personally felt its very clear and mind-blowing.

Sony claims that the batteries in this device last about 30 hours and I have to say its pretty accurate based on my experience over the last two months. For the recharging of the device, Sony does include a micro USB cable. Unfortunately, there is no power adapter. It takes 4 hours to get charged completely. One hour recharging gives you 10 hours of music playback so the trade-off isn’t bad.

Call quality isn’t that much good because some times it is echoing. If you are a bass head who values heavy bass then you will like it.

Sony MDR XB950B1

The Sony MDR xb950b1 is available in black, red and blue colour in the market. The over-the-ear headphone comes with 40mm neodymium driver unit for powerful extra bass sound. This headphone is exclusively made for electronic dance music lovers.

The design is phenomenal. It is designed with a frequency response of 3Hz to 28kHz for bass heavy music. Made with premium plastic. The headband is cushioned. The ear cups are cushioned thick and its soft almost like a marshmallow.

Its main feature is the bass effect button on the earcup. The Electro Bass Booster is a bass enhancer that increases low-frequency sound using DSP (Digital Signal Processing). With one touch you can enable the desired pairing mode: Bluetooth 4.1v or NFC.  Once paired, you’re free to stream your favourite track from your device to your headphone.

The built-in mic allows you to make the calls hand free. Can also be used with 1.2m supplied cable when the battery is running out. Sony claims a battery life of 18 hrs but I got only 15 hrs which is also outstanding. Takes about 4 hours to get fully charged. You can also adjust the bass and sound effects with the Sony Headphones connect app.

The two negatives that I felt are the earcups are really tight they make your ears sweat after a few hours and the ear cups have limited movement around the hinges. The earcups are swivel but restrict the head movement when putting on around the neck. Neglecting these the Sony MDR xb950b1 is worth buying in my experience.

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Design - 8.3
Features - 8
Sound - 8.5
Value - 8

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