TAGG PowerBass 700 Detailed Review

TAGG, an Indian brand has launched its wireless headphones PowerBass-700, follow up of the PowerBass-400 on November 2018.  It comes with an upgraded bass response to deliver powerful sound with punchy bass. Also, these pairs are provided with a new bass toggle, a simple switch to turn off the bass boost if we choose. I got to use these pairs for a few days. So today I am gonna share my complete review about TAGG PowerBass 700.


The TAGG PowerBass 700 comes in a square box which has a retail tag on the top.

Tagg Power Bass 700 review

The headphone, 3.5mm AUX cable and micro USB cable are placed in a custom moulded black coloured pulp tray inside the box. A user manual is also there but does not contain a carrying pouch in the package.

Design And Features

The TAGG PowerBass 700 has a very standard and unassuming design. The entire headphone is made up of decent quality plastic. The matte finish gives a premium look to the headphone but doesn’t give a premium feel when you touch.

A cushy headband supports the earcups well. A small metal slider in headband allows you to adjust the headphones to your perfect size. The ear cups are cushioned and soft mesh fabric is placed over the drivers.

Tagg Power Bass 700 review

The headphone has a snug design and you can bend the headphone in a comfortable way. So that you can easily flip it into the backpack while travelling.

The earcups have a semi-foldable design, they can turn 90 degrees to lie flat on your chest. The ear cups are deep and can cover my ears completely, though the ear cups aren’t much spacious. But the earcups aren’t made in a well-ventilated design. On prolonged usage, it moistens ear canals.

All the controls along with the connectivity ports and a led sensor are mounted on the bottom of the left ear cup. There is a power on/off button, Bass extender button and volume button.

The volume button can be used for two purposes. One is to adjust the volume by pushing the key up/down and other is to change the track by pressing and holding the same button. By a single press on the bass extender button, you can enhance the bass. The right earcup doesn’t contain any controls.

The headphone offers two connectivity options:  Bluetooth and AUX cable. The device supports Bluetooth v4.0 which ensures stable and lag-free streaming. The Bluetooth connectivity has a good range of up to 20ft. And it offers faster Bluetooth pairing…very quick.

Tagg Power Bass 700 review

I also tested the wired mode with the provided AUX cable. Sincerely, I didn’t find any sound quality difference when it is connected via cables.  The PowerBass 700  is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. And can also be connected to laptops and computers.

The headphone is lightweight. It weighs only 6.87 ounces or 195 grams. The headphones come with the fantastic Qualcomm csr8635 chipset which delivers perfect bass. It has an impedance rating of 32 Ohms.

Sound Experience

The Power bass 700 delivers clear and crisp sound at any volume. The sound is quite good with a lot of genres. The bass is tight and punchy, but not bloated and overbearing. As a person who hears a lot of pop songs, I felt pop pieces of music are attractive in these pairs.

Tagg Power Bass 700 review

A combination of cutting edge technology has merged for satisfying the needs of the audiophiles. The new-age bass toggle does its job well. It enhances the bass response. The earcups are literally vibrating while the bass toggle is on.

Call Quality

The headphone offers hand free calls. The highly sensitive microphone does a good job but not excellent.  I could say the audio quality is good at this price range.

Battery Life

Tagg claims 14 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge which can be recharged through a Micro USB but I got only 9 hrs which are also not bad for a Bluetooth headset.

A 500mAh battery is used here in this headphone. It takes about 3 hrs to get fully charged.


Sadly, it comes only in one colour which is black. If you are a thumping bass lover buy these pairs without giving a second thought!

Where To Buy TAGG Power Bass 700

  • Dual connectivity options - Wireless and wired
  • Nice and premium look
  • Bluetooth gets connected fast
  • Bass can be adjusted
  • Balance between treble and bass isn't great
  • No 360 degree rotation of earcups
Design - 8.8
Features - 8.6
Sound - 8.9
Value - 8.7

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