Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic Review

There are lots of options when it comes to affordable In-ear headphones. In this post, we will see how the Mi Earphones Basic stands out among those and help you in taking a right choice.

The Chinese mobile handset maker Xiaomi has had a wonderful run with their line of handsets under two different series – Mi and Redmi. Xiaomi released their line of affordable In-ear headphones in India in March of 2018 called the Mi Earphones Basic and Mi Earphones.  In this post, we will review the more affordable of the two versions – Mi Earphones Basic. Will this cheaper price tagged earphone suit your needs? Let’s find that out.



For the most part, the earphone is made up of good plastic material. Additionally, there are places where we can feel that precision-crafted work, Xiaomi has given to this affordable In-ear headphone. This is reflected in the sound chamber of the headphone, where anodised aluminium alloy is used. These chambers are also subjected to zircon sandblasting during the manufacturing process to make them scratch-resistant.


Sand Blasting is a process that is used for treating and conditioning surfaces of materials to prepare them for high-quality coatings or mostly for giving the surface a neat texture.

The earbuds are made of silicone. It isn’t the best out there but will do well and fit fine in the ear. Most people often confuse silicone with silicon. To be frank I have seen people doing a review on this earphone and talking about silicon made earbuds. The truth is that they are different. Silicon is a chemical substance that occurs naturally whereas Silicone is a synthetic substance which can withstand high temperatures effectively. The next time you look at a silicone rubber earbuds you should know that they are capable of handling low and high temperatures far better than ordinary rubber material.

The ear tips come in three sizes – Large(L), Medium(M) and Small(S).

The main body of this Mi headphone is angled and Xiaomi says this was a result of extensive research which provides a better anti-slip design.

The 1.25-metre cable is made of TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) and is of decent quality although it isn’t tangle-resistant.


The Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic comes with an inbuilt microphone. On the opposite side of the microphone enclosing is the controls for playing/pausing the media as well as answering the calls. This button can also be used to control the music tracks, which can be done by double-clicking the button to go to the next track.


The 3.5 mm cable jack is angled at 90 degrees and gives that peace of mind fit into the device. This reduces the chances of breaking the cable jack neck.

The box comes three different ear tips which should suit and fit your needs.

Sound Experience

For an In-ear headphone under ₹1000, the Mi Earphones Basic sure does produce good sound. The bass is good and the sound clarity is something you will give a huge thumbs-up for this budget headphone. The aluminium sound chamber does it magic there.

From my experience, if you own a Mi mobile handset, then you will probably fall in love with the sound delivered with the Mi audio enhancer. Though this still won’t match the experience offered by the affordable JBL C100SI, the price tag is what attracts this model more.

A notable thing about the sound is that there are no sudden bursts when the volume is up. This ensures a peaceful listening experience for a long time even with the volume up.

If you have the patience to play with the equalizer then you will be able to churn out good sound intensity and bass from this headphone.

Other Details

  • Connector Type– Wired 3.5mm Single Pin
  • Weight – 13g
  • Colours – Red, Black

Where To Buy Mi Earphones Basic

If you are thinking of buying a headphone under ₹1000, then this affordable In-ear headphone from Xiaomi will definitely be a value for money option. You can't get top-notch quality out of these but for casual use, the bass and sound clarity Mi Earphones Basic offers is enough.
  • Nice bass
  • Good sound clarity
  • Value for money
  • Not the best plastics
Design - 8
Features - 7.5
Sound - 7.2
Value - 8

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